Misuse of University Vehicles

Misuse of University vehicles includes the following:

  1. Driving without authorization and/or a valid driver's license appropriate for the type of vehicle being driven;
  2. Failing to comply with traffic/motor vehicle laws, regulations or policies;
  3. Driving under the influence of any controlled substance;
  4. Engaging in unsafe practices, which include failing to use and to ensure that others use seat belts and/or shoulder harnesses;
  5. Driving for any purpose other than to conduct University business, including meals unrelated to the conduct of University business;
  6. Failing to complete University-approved defensive driver training;
  7. Failing to submit a Driver Record Information form to University Police;
  8. Storing or parking a University vehicle improperly; or
  9. Falsifying travel logs, travel authorizations, accident reports or training records.

Employees misusing University vehicles may be personally liable for damages to persons or property, as well as legal expenses, because employees who engage in such activities are most likely acting outside the course and scope of their employment. Employees who misuse University vehicles are also subject to disciplinary action by the University.