Driving on Field Trips

Field trip participants are limited to university faculty, staff, volunteers and enrolled students. All drivers designated by the university must meet all of the requirements to drive on university business, including:

  1. Completing defensive driver training
  2. Possessing a driver’s license appropriate for the car being driven
  3. Having their driving record reviewed by University Police

When students are responsible for arranging transportation to and from a field trip location, faculty members should not:

  1. specify the type of transportation students should use
  2. arrange transportation for any student
  3. assign any students to drive
  4. organize the students into groups for the purpose of driving with a classmate
  5. attempt to check the driving record or insurance of any proposed driver.

Any automobile accident or injury that occurs during a field trip should be reported to Risk Management as soon as possible. Risk Management will assist you in completing all required documentation.