Driving on University Business

University vehicles may only be used to conduct university business. University vehicles may only be driven by university faculty members, staff members, driving on university businessadministrators, volunteers or student assistants, and may not be loaned or leased to any non-state entity, including university auxiliary and affiliate organizations, or to students. For additional information, please review the Chancellor's Office guidelines on the Use of University and Private VehiclesPDF File Opens in new window or contact Risk Management at (657) 278-7346 or Environmental Health and Safety at (657) 278-7233.

  • Requirements for Driving on University Business
  • Using Personal Vehicles on University Business
  • Using a Rental Cars on University Business
  • Driving on Field Trips
  • Driving a Vehicle Outside of the United States

    Driving in Mexico without Mexican Auto Insurance is a felony. University employees who travel to Mexico on University business must have insurance. The Office of Risk Management can procure either annual or short-term Mexican Auto Insurance for University employees who are required to drive in Mexico. Please contact the Office of Risk Management (657) 278-7346 to inquire options for insurance coverage when driving in Mexico or any area outside of the United States.

    Additional information about driving outside the United States can be found at the State Department's websiteOpens in new window .
  • Student Use of University or Personal Vehicles on University Business

    Students may only drive on University business if doing so is appropriately part of their employee or volunteer duties. To receive authorization to drive a University or personal vehicle on University Business, students must meet the same criteria and be authorized in the same manner as any other University employee. Requests to authorize students to use University or personal vehicles to conduct University business should be carefully reviewed. Students should not be designated as University volunteers just for the purpose of driving on an occasional field trip or errand because the University remains responsible for ensuring that safety requirements are followed and that the student driver has been properly trained.

    University vehicles may not be loaned to or used by students or student organizations not performing or conducting University business. For example, students driving to perform degree-required research and projects and/or to travel to conferences, meetings or off-campus activities are in most instances not conducting University business and are thus not eligible to drive University vehicles for these purposes.
  • Van Safety

    Due to state requirements and safety considerations, special guidelines apply to the use of 12-15 passenger vans used for university business. Refer to the Van Safety GuidelinesPDF File Opens in new window for more information. University Risk Management discourages the use of 15 passenger vans due to inherent safety issuesOpens in new window such as their high center of gravity and instability.

    Drivers of 15 passenger vans are required to have a commercial drivers license.PDF File Opens in new window This is not a requirement for those driving 10+ passenger vans.

    Call University Risk Management if you have additional questions (657) 278-7346.
  • Reporting Vehicle Accidents
  • Supervisor Review of Vehicle Accidents

    The supervisor who authorized the travel should ensure that the individual involved in the accident completes and returns the STD 270PDF File Opens in new window to the Office of Risk Management within 48 hours (or complete and return the STD 270PDF File Opens in new window if the driver is unable to do so) and send the “Supervisor’s Review of State Driver Accident Report”(STD 274)PDF File Opens in new window to University Risk Management, CP700, within 48 hours of the accident.

    The supervisor should also initiate any appropriate corrective action, whether verbal or written, and record any corrective action taken in the appropriate personnel record.
  • Insurance Coverage

    The University's vehicle insurance is the primary liability coverage only when University employees drive University vehicles on University business. When University faculty, staff, administrators, registered volunteers, and student assistants on the University payroll (collectively University employees) drive a personal vehicle on University business, even when driving on campus to attend a meeting, their personal vehicle insurance is the primary liability coverage.

    In addition, the University's vehicle insurance does not cover collision damage to University or personal vehicles driven on University business. Departments desiring to purchase collision insurance for a University vehicle should contact the Office of Risk Management (657) 278-7346.
  • Misuse of University Vehicles
  • Defensive Driver Training

    In addition to Defensive Driver Training, University employees and volunteers who drive small carts or 12-15 passenger vans must complete small cart or van safety training once every three or four years, respectively. Environmental Health & Safety provides this hands-on training; contact them at extension 7233 for information on completing this requirement.
  • Use of University Vehicles

    University vehicles may only be used to conduct University business. University vehicles may only be driven by University employees, and may not be loaned or leased to any non-State entity, including University auxiliary and affiliate organizations. Those authorized to use a University vehicle may carry passengers not directly involved in University business only with the prior approval of the employee's immediate supervisor. Public transportation must be used in lieu of a University vehicle if doing so is a more cost-efficient alternative.

    A faculty member from another country visiting for more than six months must have a valid state driver's license to drive a University vehicle. Anyone who does not have a valid state driver's license should contact the Office of Risk Management prior to driving on University business.
  • Parking University Vehicles at Home

    Employees may park a University vehicle at their home if they intend to use the vehicle to conduct University business the same day or the following work day. University vehicles may be parked overnight at a home only if circumstances make it impractical for the employee driving the vehicle to use other means of transportation when departing to or returning from an official trip, or when the employee's home is reasonably en route to the place where they will work the following day. When parked overnight, vehicles must be parked in a manner that reduces the hazards of accidental damage, theft and vandalism.
  • Coverage for University, Rental, or Personal Vehicles Driven on University Business
  • Administration of the University's Driving Program
  • Definitions

    "Safe Driving record" is determined by University Police using the following criteria:
    No points on record – Approved.
    One point on record – Approval is likely; however the point will be reviewed as to severity. Individuals with a DUI within the last three years are automatically denied approval.
    Two points on record – Approval is on a case-by-case basis.
    Three or more points on record – Automatic denial of approval.
    "University business" means actions taken by University employees to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of their University employment. University business does not include travel between work and home.
    "University vehicle" includes any motorized device for land transportation owned, leased or rented by the University, the State or a State agency.
  • Use of Cell Phones and Portable Electronic Devices While Driving

    Presidential Directive 15 states that University employees are responsible for operating University and personal vehicles driven on University business in a safe and prudent manner. California State Law does not allow the use of cellular phones or portable electronic communication devices while driving. This law applies to University employees on or off campus. University employees and volunteers should use "hands-free" phones only.