Effective Assertiveness

Effective Assertiveness

Look for the Effective Assertiveness Exercise follow-up workshop in Spring.

We offer CPR and first aid classes.

We offer CPR and first aid classes designed to teach life-saving skills to CSUF employees, friends and family, and community members.

The first of a series of 21 Meditation Monday Lunch and Learns.

The first of a series of 21 Meditation Monday Lunch and Learns.

Bicycle safety courses.

Bicycle safety courses help participants gain skills and confidence riding on the streets and areas surrounding our campus. FREE gift when you complete the course!

Effective Assertiveness

Creating a Vision

CSUF Irvine Staff explored their team dynamics and created a Vision for their Satellite in their July 22, 2016 retreat.


Professional and Organizational Development


Cal State University Fullerton is committed to education, professional development and job skills training. No matter what your position is here on campus, you will discover valuable resources and learning opportunities available to you. If you have questions, please call us at (657) 278-5107.

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Professional and Organizational Development Staff

Dr Victoria Morris

Victoria Morris, Ph.D.

Director, Professional and Organizational Development

(657) 278-3736

marian sherman

Marian Sherman, MBA

Organizational Development Analyst

(657) 278-5107


Courtney Kiyan

Professional Development Coordinator