Cal Employee Connect


You can now view your paycheck/direct deposit advice and annual W-2 information online using the State Controller’s Office Cal Employee Connect (CEC) tool.  This is a secure, web-based employee self-service portal accessible to State employees. 

CEC will allow you to:

  • View and print your earnings statements/pay stubs for the current tax year and 2 prior tax years
  • View and print W-2 information for the previous 3 tax years

To get started, you will need to have a pay stub in hand, issued any pay period since 2017 by CSU Fullerton. The paystub contains information needed to register for access to the CEC portal. 


Let’s get started

  1. Have a recent direct deposit advice or pay stub available.
  2. Go to Cal Employee Connect (CEC)
  3. Select Register
  4. Follow the prompts using the following helpful tips:
    1. Department:  select “CSU, Fullerton
    2. Agency Code:  enter “242Cal Connect registration page. First input field is for department, second input field is for agency code.
    3. Earnings Statement Number:  On a direct deposit advice, this is the “Direct Dep #”.  On a pay stub, this is the “Warrant No”. 
      direct deposit advice with derect dep number highlighted on the right column pay stub with warrant number highlighted on the right column
    4.  Total Deductions:  the amount labeled as “Deductions” on your direct deposit advice or pay stub from Step 1.


pay stub with deduction highlighted located between taxable gross and net pay


If you do not have a paystub or direct deposit advice on hand, you may find the above information on your Titan Online Employee Paystub.


To access your Titan Online paystub


  1. Go to CSUF PortalOpens in new window
  2. Go to Titan Online
    titan online button
  3. Under My Payroll and Compensation section, click on Employee Pay Stub
    1. Earnings Statement Number: this number is the Paycheck Number, located at the bottom of the page.
      In the CEC portal, enter this number with a leading zero and a hyphen after the second number.  For example, if the paycheck number is 8001246, enter 08-001246.

       1st column shows payment type and 2nd column shows paycheck number

    2. Total Deductions: this amount is current “Total Taxes” plus “Total Deductions”.    In this example, Total Deductions = 884.60

1st column shows total taxes, 2nd column shows total deduction