Fee Waiver

CSUF Fee Waiver Program

The Fee Waiver Program provides a waiver or reduction of certain fees for employees who enroll in CSU courses, which are job-related or part of an approved Career Development Plan.

Fee Waiver Program

This benefit provides an excellent opportunity for employees who wish to improve their current skills or embark on a career development program. To request enrollment, an employee must complete a Fee Waiver Form, the form is available at the Portal, Titan Online, "My Workplace" e-content.

Employee Fee Waiver Eligibility

Employee Category Eligibility Criteria
Unit 1 (Physicians) Full-time employees and part-time permanent employees
Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU)
Unit 4 (Academic Professionals)
Unit 6 (Skilled Trades)
Unit 10 (IUOE)
Unit 12 (Head Start/ SFSU)
Full-time employees (i.e., permanent, temporary, & probationary) and part-time permanent employees
Unit 8 (Public Safety)
C99 (Confidential)**
E99 (Excluded)**
M98 (Executive)
Full-time or part-time permanent** employees, and full-time probationary employees (no temporary)
M80 (MPP) Full-time employees (includes temporary)
Unit 3 (Faculty) Tenured and probationary (Tenure Track), temporary faculty (Lecturers) with a three year appointment contract, or coaches with at last six (6) consecutive years of service in the department. FERP employees are eligible for fee waivers only during those semesters they are actively employed

**C99 and E99 employees only attain permanent status in part-time positions as a result of completing a probationary period in a full-time position and, subsequently, reducing their time-base. Note: Please check CBAs for provisions concerning the appointment of part-time, permanent employees.

Graduate Assistants and Student Assistants although employees are not eligible to participate.

Employee Fees Waived

Employee Category Fees Fully Waived for Employee Employee Fees reduced to $1.00 for
Unit 1 (Physicians)
Unit 3 (Faculty)
Unit 6 (Skilled Trades)
Unit 8 (Public Safety)
Unit 10 (IUOE)
Unit 12 (Head Start/ SFSU)
C99 (Confidential)
E99 (Excluded)
M80 (MPP)
M98 (Executives)
Application Fee
Identification Card Fee
Instructionally Related Activity Fee
Health Services Fee
Course Fee*
Student Body Association Fee Student Body Center Fee/Student Union Fee Health Facilities Fee

*May be fully waived for a maximum of two (2) courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, per term.

Spouse/Dependent Fee Waiver Eligibility

Eligible employees may transfer their fee waiver benefit entitlement to a spouse, dependent child, or registered domestic partner.


  • Eligibility of a domestic partner is contingent upon the employee having a Declaration of Domestic Partnership on file with the California Secretary of State, and a copy in Human Resources Services, CP-700
  • Dependent child is defined as:
    1. your child or stepchild under age 23 who has never been married, or
    2. a child living with you in a parent-child relationship who is economically dependent upon you, under age 23 and has never been married, or
    3. your child or stepchild age 23 or above who is incapable of self-support due to a disability, which existed prior to age 23.

    Note: Dependent Children of CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7 & 9) and SETC (Unit 6) employees may now participate in the Fee Waiver Program up to age 25 .

Employee Category Eligible Dependents for Fee Waiver Transfer Fees Fully Waived for Eligible Dependents Fees Reduced to $1.00 for Eligible Dependents
Unit 1 (Physicians)
Unit 6 (Skilled Trades)
Unit 8 (Public Safety)
Unit 10 (IUOE)
C99 (Confidential)
M80 (MPP)
M98 (Executives
Dependent Child
Domestic Partner
Application Fee
Identification Card Fee
Instructionally Related Activity Fee
Health Services Fee
Course Fee*
Student Body Center Fee / Student Union Fee
Health Facilities Fee
Units 2,5,7,9 (CSUEU)
Unit 3 (Faculty)
Unit 4 (AP)
Dependent Child
Domestic Partner
Application Fee
Identification Card Fee
Course Fee*
None – All other fees paid at regular rates.
Unit 12
E99 (Excluded)

*May be fully waived for a maximum of two (2) courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, per term.

How to Enroll for a Fee Waiver

Please Review Checklist for New Students, complete a Fee Waiver Application form for yourself or your dependents each semester you or your dependent are applying for Fee Waiver. All Fee Waiver required forms are eForms and are available on the Portal, Titan Online, My Workplace, eForms - Human Resources in the Benefits Folder, please find the Fee Waiver Folder and click on it. If it is your first time using the program you will need to also include a Career Development Plan.

Job-Related Courses or Work Related Courses

These are courses that directly improve skills or enhance knowledge for performing duties in an employee's current position. An employee may also take courses to acquire new skills needed to perform newly assigned duties and responsibilities. Enrollment may be voluntary or at the direction of the employee's supervisor or manager. Employee’s can take job/work related courses without being a matriculated student, in this case a “Short Application” is required with the Fee Waiver application. To continue taking job/work related courses, the “Short Application” along with the Fee Waiver application are required every semester.

Career Development Courses

For courses that are not job-related, there must be a current Career Development Plan (CDP) on file. CDPs generally cover established programs such as degrees, certificates, or credentials. The primary responsibility for career development rests with the employee. While job promotions are not guaranteed as a result of completing career development courses, an employee may be better prepared and more competitive for job vacancies as a result of having completed specific courses or a degree program. The CDP should be updated whenever there is a change in degree program or objective.

Imputed Taxes

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) provides three ways to make employer-provided training and educational assistance, including fee waivers and reductions, excludable from taxable income:

  • Qualified Tuition Reduction under Internal Revenue Code Section 117(d)
  • Educational Assistance Programs under Internal Revenue Code Section 127;
  • Working Condition Fringe Benefits under Internal Revenue Code Section 132(d).

By coordinating the three Internal Revenue Code Sections under the CSU Fee Waiver and Reduction Program, the following tax-free or taxable benefits are available to CSU employees and their eligible spouses, domestic partners, and/or dependent children:

Eligible Participant Course Level(s) Tax Status
CSU Employee Undergraduate
Employee’s Spouse/ Dependent Child Undergraduate
Employee’s Domestic Partner Undergraduate

IRS Guidelines

Enactment of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (HR 1836) impacted Section 127 Educational Assistance provisions. Effective January 1, 2002, the annual $5,250 exclusion for employer provided Educational Assistance for undergraduate, career related and upward mobility training was permanently extended. Graduate level courses are covered under the annual $5,250 exclusion effective January 1, 2002. Therefore, based on these changes in 127 and other tax thresholds, as of January 1, 2002, all undergraduate and graduate level coursework taken by an employee through the CSU Fee Waiver and Reduction Program is excluded from taxation up to the $5,250 limit.

Due to the coordination of all three IRC Sections under the CSU Fee Waiver and Reduction Program, the Section 127 limit of $5,250 may directly impact graduate level coursework at some point in the future. However, it continues to be the case that this limit will not affect most employees enrolling in CSU graduate level courses, since the cost of student fees is less than $5,250. Employees enrolled in a CSU doctoral program will be subject to the Section 127 limit if enrolled for the full Academic Year. All graduate level coursework, including the doctoral program, taken by an employee's spouse, domestic partner or dependent child through this program continues to be reported as taxable income. All undergraduate level coursework taken by an employee's domestic partner through this program is taxable as well.

IRS Tax GuidelinesPDF File Opens in new window  

Conditions and Limitations of Benefits

  • The State University Fee for dependents is waived only for two courses or six units, whichever is greater. A dependent taking CSU courses in addition to those courses covered by the fee waiver shall pay the difference between the part-time State University Fee and the full-time State University Fee.
  • The spouse, dependent child, or domestic partner (hereinafter referred to as "dependent") must be matriculated toward a degree or the attainment of a credential in the CSU and the course(s) enrolled in on a fee waiver basis must be for credit toward completion of that degree.
  • The dependent fee waiver benefit applies only to certain fees incurred by California residents. Dependents who do not meet established in-State residency requirements (and who do not qualify for classification as residents in accordance with the provisions of Section 41910, California Code of Regulations) will be responsible for paying non-resident tuition charges based upon the total number of units in which they are enrolled.
  • Graduate-level courses taken by dependents are subject to taxation for the employee; undergraduate and graduate-level courses taken by domestic partners are subject to taxation for the employee.
  • The fee waiver program applies to courses supported by the CSU general fund. Self-support programs (e.g., College of Extended Learning courses) are not covered.
  • Courses taken under the fee waiver program must be taken for grades or credit / no credit; they may not be audited.
  • This benefit applies to all CSU campuses. However, admission to any CSU campus is not guaranteed. Applicants must meet all university admission requirements.
  • Campus administration will determine that space is available in a particular class.
  • A new dependent fee waiver form must be submitted for each term (quarter or semester).
  • Fee waiver eligibility may be transferred to only one person at a time, regardless of whether that individual uses the full entitlement of 2 courses or 6 units.


  • The Fee Waiver Program applies to courses supported by the CSU general fund. Self-support courses (e.g., College of Extended Learning courses) are not covered by this program.
  • Courses taken under the fee waiver program must be taken for grades or credit / no credit; they may not be audited.
  • In order to achieve a reasonable balance between regular work responsibilities and the course load taken under the Fee Waiver Program, there is a limit of two courses or 6 units, whichever is greater, that can be taken each term.
  • Staff employees may be granted release time to attend one course per term during scheduled working hours provided that the operational needs of the department are met (as determined by the area administrator), or there is an arrangement to make up the released time, or the released time is offset from an accrued balance of time. Approval of the area administrator and supervisor is required for all such arrangements.
  • Normal academic standards shall be maintained. This may include a review of the grades received for the courses taken. Unsatisfactory performance in the courses or lack of progress toward the goals stated in a Career Development Plan may be cause for withholding further approval for participation in the Fee Waiver Program.

Checklist for New Students

The following procedures apply to employees not currently enrolled in the University or who have dropped all courses.

  • Complete the Fee Waiver application form.
  • Apply for admission to the university
  • If you are applying for admission simply to take job-related courses, please complete a short application.
  • For university admission, you can apply on-line to any campus at https://www.calstate.edu/applyOpens in new window
  • If courses to be taken are not job-related, complete a Career Development Plan and submit to Human Resources.
  • Class Schedule/Catalog available via the Campus Portal at Titan-Online. The Schedule gives course reference information needed to apply for waiver of tuition as well as important deadlines for adding or dropping courses, paying fees, and registering.
  • Upon notification of admission to the University, complete and submit the Fee Waiver Request form to Human Resources. An email notification will be sent to you once approved by Human Resources.
  • Register for your selected course(s).

Checklist for Students Attending Other CSU Campus

  • The employee completes and submits a Fee Waiver form to CSUF Human Resources. A certificate of eligibility along with the Fee Waiver form will be faxed by the CSUF fee waiver coordinator to the fee waiver coordinator at the designated CSU campus. An email notification of when the Certification and Fee Waiver forms are faxed by CSUF Human Resources will be sent to the employee.

Checklist For All Students

  • A Fee Waiver form must be submitted for each term.
  • The fee waiver form for course registration should be submitted at or prior to the time of registration so courses will not be dropped due to non-payment.
  • It is recommended that registration be completed during registration time. During open enrollment, the fee waiver form must be submitted and processed before registration can occur.
  • Registration during the late registration period generates a late fee (not covered by the fee waiver benefit)

Modifications to Course Schedule

Modifications to a course schedule following submission of a fee waiver form must be approved by the employee's supervisor. Human Resources must be notified in writing of the modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers, while not all inclusive, are designed to provide direction for employees and administrators. Refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Contract or consult with the Assistant Director for Employee Relations in Human Resources for additional assistance.

How do employees know what courses are available?

The Campus Catalog lists describe all courses offered. The Schedule of Classes (available for purchase at the Bookstore) lists the days and meeting times for the courses offered.

Must courses be taken for a letter grade?

Yes. Courses may not be audited under the Fee Waiver Program. The only courses that may be taken for "CR" - "No CR" are those courses where option 2 is the only option.

Are repeat courses allowed?

Repeating courses to obtain a better grade or for any other reason is not allowed under fee waiver. Satisfactory progress in a class means maintaining a grade point average of "C" or better for undergraduate and "B" for graduate courses. If a course is repeated, the employee must cover the cost.

What is meant by "release time" and how does it affect enrollments?

"Release Time" means that an employee has supervisory or managerial (HEERA designee) approval to attend one class at CSUF during the employee's normal work schedule.

Can an employee's schedule be adjusted to allow course enrollments?

Yes. Approval to adjust a work schedule is up to the supervisor or manager based on the needs of the department. The arrangement must be documented on a work schedule and included with the fee waiver form.

If approval is received to enroll in a course covered by Fee Waiver, may the employee change courses at a later date?

Yes, the employee must notify Human Resources of substitutions or changes by memo at the beginning of the semester. Failure to do so could jeopardize future waivers of fees.

If approval is received to enroll in a course covered by Fee Waiver, but the class is filled, may the employee substitute another course?

Yes, if the substitution only involves a different meeting time for the same course and it meets outside working hours. If the course meets during working hours, supervisory or managerial approval is required.

How does Academic Probation affect my fee waiver status?

Normal academic standards shall be maintained for an employee who is on the fee waiver program. A GPA which is below standard (which for the purposes of the Fee Waiver program is a "C" grade point average) participation in the fee waiver program will be denied until the grade point average reaches "C".

Will a refund be issued in an employee drops a course during the Add/Drop period?

The reduced fees charged for Student Activities, Student Center and Health Facilities are not refundable. Other fees may be partially refunded. It is the employee's responsibility to request a refund through the Student Financial Services Department.

How is eligibility determined?

The applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement contains the definitions and parameters associated with eligibility requirements for united employees. Executive Order #491 contains the eligibility requirements for employees not covered by CBA. Human Resources may make determinations of what constitutes normal academic standards. If after checking the appropriate documents you are still uncertain please call Human Resources.

Can employees attend classes at other CSU campuses?

Yes. Employees need to enroll on their own time at a campus other than CSUF. CSUF shall provide an employee with written certification that enrollment is authorized in accordance with E.O. #491, and that the employee is enrolling for an approved work-related course or as part of an approved individual career development plan.

Can a retired person take fee waiver?

No. However there is a program for persons over 65. See Executive Order #463.

Can an employee on an approved leave of absence participate in the fee waiver program? Is there a limit on the number of units?

Yes. Employees on an approved leave of absence are eligible for the fee waiver program. They may enroll for units in excess of the amounts stated in accordance with the following schedule:

Percentage of Leave Maximum Units
One-fourth but less than one-half 9
one-half but less than three-fourths 12
Three-fourths but less than full 15
Full Not limited

If I should separate from CSUF employment before the end of the semester, how will that affect my fees?

If you separate from CSUF employment before the census date, you have two options: 1) drop the fee waiver program; 2) continue your class. A&R will be notified and Student Financial Services will bill you for your fees. If you separate after census date you may complete the semester.

Contact Information

Employee Fee Waiver questions and processing, contact:

Angelica Perez, phone 657-278-5311 

Cassandra Newby, phone 657-278-5626 

Registration Process:

Admissions and Records
(657) 278-2300

Fee Reimbursement Process:

Student Financial Services
(657) 278-2495

Fee Waiver Application Deadline

Fee Waiver applications will be accepted in Human Resources the following months:

Fall Semester

During May 15th - June 15th

Spring Semester

During September 15th - October 15th

Summer Semester

During the month of March

Note: Fee Waiver applications not received by the deadline may result in having to pay full fees. A reimbursement request will be submitted upon processing the Fee Waiver.