How is Visa Processing Handled at CSUF?


How far in advance must the request be submitted?

To be sure that Academic Human Resources can obtain the needed status in time for the employment start date, we advise departments to submit their request to us at minimum, a full six (6) months in advance of the employment start date. Submitted any later, there is an increased risk that the requested start date cannot be accommodated. The employee may not begin working at CSUF without an approved visa. If working during the summer intercession, the visa effective start date will need to be dated for the summer intercession start date and not the fall semester start date.

How does the process start?

The new faculty/staff notifies Academic Human Resources that they require an employment visa. Academic Human Resources emails the new faculty/staff member to request the required documentation for the visa petition. Academic Human Resources may request additional materials specific to each case.

Who pays for the process?

Your department will pay all government filing fees.

Can’t I just hire my own lawyer to take care of my employment visa?

Academic Human Resources is the only entity authorized to prepare and submit employment visa petitions on CSUF’s behalf. CSUF may recommend that you seek the advice of an attorney in many different cases. You can, however, hire your own attorney to advise you personally.