Extending/Renewing H-1B Status


How do I extend my work status?

You should receive courtesy reminders from Risk Management starting six (6) months prior to your H-1B expiration. However, you are responsible for making sure to notify Risk Management at or before the six (6) month mark.

  1. Contact Academic Human Resources if your H-1B needs to be extended/renewed.
  2. H-1B visa extensions are submitted to USCIS as early as six (6) months prior to the current visa expiration date.
  3. Please be aware of issues regarding extensions.

a) Often driver license expiration dates are tied to H-1B visa expiration dates.

b) Family or spousal H-4’s are usually extended at the same time as the H-1B visa. Make sure to submit the H-1B and dependent H-4 applications together in one package.

c) Although Risk Management monitors extensions, you should keep track of your visa status and take note of when your status will end.

d) Petition extensions should be requested, at minimum, six (6) months before your current status expiration date. Below are guidelines for the timing of extension requests, but please consult with Risk Management as soon as you know that your H-1B visa status requires an extension renewal. All extension requests must be submitted to Risk Management.

e) 240-Day Rule – Petition extensions can be submitted to USCIS as early as six (6) months in advance of the extension start date. If you file your petition extension before the end date of your current petition, you may continue to work for a period of 240 days while the case is pending. The 240-day period commences on the day following the expiration of the previous USCIS approval. Once USCIS approves the petition extension, you will receive an I-797 Approval Notice with the new start and end dates.

ReminderThe candidate is NOT eligible to perform any services for the University, including volunteering, until USCIS approves the employment-based nonimmigrant petition or work authorization (H-1B, for example), although there are some exceptions that apply to extension petitions for nonimmigrant classifications.

Who pays for the extension/renewal process?

The hiring department will pay all government filing fees associated with extending your work visa status. However, any fees and costs associated with obtaining a visa stamp (where necessary) at a U.S. Consulate abroad is your responsibility. Similarly, the fees and costs associated with extending H-4 dependent status is also your responsibility.

Can I travel abroad while my H-1B visa extension of stay is pending?

You may travel abroad if your H-1B visa has not or will not expire during the renewal period.