Maintaining H-1B Status

Please keep Risk Management and your department informed of any issues that come up, such as changes in your life situation, your employment, and any issues you may encounter with your status. You can always reach our office at (657) 278-2255.

How do I maintain my employment visa status?

Every H-1B faculty/staff must adhere to the following steps in order to maintain legal status while in the United States:

Make sure your immigration documents are valid and not expired.

  • A passport valid at least six (6) months into the future
  • I-94 information that is not expired, indicating admittance in H-1B status
  • A valid I-797 Approval Notice (from the petition filed with United States Citizenship & Immigration Services –USCIS)
  • A valid H-1B visa stamp is required to re-enter the United States following international travel
    • Before traveling, please contact Risk Management, we can provide you with a travel letter from the University
    • Upon return, please provide a copy of your new I-94 to Risk Management 

If I move my residence in the United States, does the government require me to do anything?

Yes, you must update your local residence address within 10 days of a move.

  • You are legally required to notify USCIS of a change in address within 10 days of the occurrence. To change your residence address, complete the Alien's Change of Address Card (AR-11). Please also make sure to change your residence address via Titan Online.

If my job changes or I change departments at CSUF, what should I do?

Depending on the situation, the University may need to file a new petition on your behalf before you begin your new position.

Notify Risk Management of substantial changes in employment.

  • Your authorization to work at CSUF is based on the terms and conditions presented in the petition filed with USCIS. Accordingly, you should not accept any changes to the terms of your employment (other than a standard salary increase) without first notifying Risk Management.

Do not accept unauthorized employment.

  • Please note that the H-1B approval for CSUF allows you to work only for CSUF. Employment with another institution requires USCIS approval. With the appropriate college/department approval, faculty in H-1B status may give talks and presentations at other U.S. institutions. However, you may not accept any payment directly from the outside institution other than reimbursement for actual travel expenses. CSUF will pay you directly and partner with the institution to obtain reimbursement.

Do I need to do anything if I am leaving CSUF employment?

Both you and your department should notify Risk Management in writing as soon as you have a departure date. If your departure is due to termination by CSUF, please contact us immediately.

What if another employer wants to hire and pay me in addition to my CSUF job?

The other employer may need to file a new petition for you, depending on the visa type and specifics of the employment.