Catastrophic Leave


The Catastrophic Leave Donation Program (CAT Leave) allows any CSU employee who accrues vacation or sick leave credits to voluntarily donate either of those credits to any other eligible CSU employee on the same campus in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury to that employee or of the employee’s immediate family member. An employee who has a catastrophic illness or injury and has exhausted all accumulated leave credits may apply to the program and receive up to six (6) months of pay. The amount of hours that can be donated during a fiscal year vary per employee category. Please refer to the section below for more information.


Who is Eligible to Receive Catastrophic Leave Donations?  

To be eligible for CAT Leave, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The faculty member must be on an approved Leave of Absence.
  2. The applicant must have exhausted all accrued sick, vacation, personal holiday, and CTO credits. Please refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
  3. If eligible, the applicant must be approved for Non-industrial Disability Insurance (NDI), Industrial Disability Leave (IDL) or Temporary Disability (TD) benefits.

Who may donate sick/vacation time? 

Staff and faculty members may donate sick leave or vacation credits to an eligible CSUF staff/faculty member.


Are there limits for donating leave time? 

Leave donations are subject to CBA. Below are the current donation limitations per fiscal year:


Donor Category

Maximum Donation Hours

Unit 1 Union of American Physicians


Units 2,5,7,9 (CSEA/CSUEU)


Unit 3 California Faculty Association (CFA) 

(Sick Leave Hours Only)


Unit 4 Academic Professionals of California (APC)


Unit 6 State Employees Trades Council (SETC)


Unit 8 Statewide University Police Association (SUPA)


Unit 10 International Union of Operating Engineers


Unit 11 Academic Student Employees (TA’s only)


Confidentials (C99) 


Management Personnel Plan (MPP) (M80)


Executive (M98)



How do I apply for the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program (CAT Leave)? 

To request Catastrophic Leave, please complete the Catastrophic Leave application and the Leave of Absence application. Please submit a completed Certification of Health Care Provider .

In addition, please indicate who you would like to receive the Catastrophic Leave call for donations (faculty only, staff only, all CSUF employees, etc.)


Who do I contact if I have questions? 

If you are a faculty member requesting participation in CAT Leave: 

  • Contact Griselda G. Marquez in Academic Human Resources at 657-278-5187 to discuss your options. 

If you are a staff member or manager requesting participation in CAT Leave: 

  • Contact Angelica Perez in Benefits at 657-278-5311 to discuss your options.