Staff Special Hiring

CSUF hires retired annuitants, special consultants

If seeking to hire former CSUF employees as Retired Annuitants, Special Consultants to perform assignments of a temporary nature, or in need an Emergency Hire placement, explore the appropriate tab below for details.

Employment Services is here to help. Please feel free to contact us by phone (657) 278-2425 or email Employment Services.

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Hiring a Retired Annuitant

To hire a Retired/Rehired Annuitant, please follow the Retired Annuitant ChecklistPDF File Opens in new window .

Employment of CalPERS Retirees /Rehired Annuitants

California Government Code provisions permit former California State University Fullerton (CSUF) employees who retire and receive CalPERS retirement benefits to accept limited CSU post-retirement employment without reinstatement or penalty as rehired annuitants. Retirees may be hired during an emergency to prevent stoppage of public business and/or because the retirees have skills needed in performing specialized work of limited duration. There is a 180-day waiting period, from the date of retirement, applied to rehired annuitants per post-employment provisions. CalPERS retirees who are already working as a retired annuitant are exempt from the waiting period.

Classification and Salary

The position classification and salary are not required to be the same as prior to retirement. In circumstances where the job tasks have changed, Human Resources will determine the correct classification and appropriate pay rate. The pay rate for employment of rehired annuitants may not be less than the minimum, nor more than the maximum, paid to other employees performing comparable duties. Please note: Retired annuitants are not eligible for vacation, sick leave, or holidays.

Length of Appointment

Under Government Code sections 21224 and 21229, employment of a rehired annuitant is designated on a fiscal year basis for a maximum of 960 hours. If a rehired annuitant works in excess of the permissible 960 hours within a fiscal year, the CalPERS retiree and the University are subject to penalties. Both the campus and the rehired annuitant are responsible for tracking hours of employment.

Time Base for Appointment

Retired annuitant appointments are temporary with an hourly or daily rate time base for a maximum of 960 hours or 120 days within a fiscal year.

Exclude from Hire

Campuses are to exclude from hiring retirees who have collected unemployment insurance compensation during the 12-month period prior to the desired appointment.

Process for Hiring a Retired Annuitant

  • Department completes a Quick Hire FormPDF File Opens in new window for a rehired annuitant with the desired retiree's name and proposed salary.
  • The Quick Hire Form goes through the approval process.
  • Retiree submits an on-line application.
  • HR contacts the retiree and makes verbal offer explaining the terms and conditions of the appointment.
  • Once retiree accepts offer, HR generates a written appointment offer.
  • Retired Annuitant visits HR to sign appointment offer.
  • Appointment offer is distributed to appropriate parties.

Hiring a Special Consultant

Special Consultants are hired to perform special assignments of a temporary nature, based on a particular knowledge, ability or expertise. Incumbents in this classification are paid with a daily rate. This classification should be used for work that meets the "exempt" criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Please see the CSU PoliciesPDF File Opens in new window website for additional information. For reference, the classification and qualification standard for the Special Consultant classification (class code 4660) is located at Class StandardOpens in new window .

Steps for Hiring a Special Consultant

  • The department completes a Quick Hire Request FormPDF File Opens in new window for a Special Consultant with the desired Special Consultant's name and proposed salary. Proposed salary is a daily rate of pay. Number of days the employee will work, within identified dates of employment, must be included on the requisition.
  • The Form goes through the approval process.
  • HR contacts the Special Consultant and makes verbal offer explaining the terms and conditions of employment.
  • Once offer is accepted, HR generates a written Special Consultant offer.
  • Special Consultant visits HR to sign offer.
  • Offer is distributed to appropriate parties.

Special Consultant Checklist

Quick Hire Request Form

Hiring an Emergency or Quick Hire Employee

Use the Emergency Hire ChecklistPDF File Opens in new window to identify the necessary steps required to make a short-term, less than 180 calendar day appointment.  The temporary appointment of an employee initially hired for less than 90 days, but not beyond, 180 calendar day, based upon the Collective Bargaining Agreement shall not require posting.

Use the Quick Hire FormPDF File Opens in new window for all Emergency/Quick hires. Employment Services will work with the Hiring Supervisor to initiate the hiring process. Please feel free to contact us by phone (657) 278-2425 or email us.

Steps to Follow when Hiring a Emergency/Temporary Placement

Once HR receives the Quick Hire Form, HR will contact the appropriate agency to fill your request accordingly. The request cannot be filled without an approved requisition. Please give HR three business days to find appropriate candidate.

  • Agency will identify candidate and begin background check. The staffing agency conducts a background clearance on all prospective employees.
  • Department will be required to provide an approved "Service Authorization" once the bill rate has been established between HR and the agency. Please submit approved Service Authorization to the Human Resources department. The Service Authorization allows department funds to be allocated to an open blanket Purchase Order blanket for either staffing agency.
  • Service Authorization must be received prior to the temporary employees start date.
  • Once candidate has been identified, background clearance normally takes 2-3 business days; agency will confirm start date with the Human Resources department.

Temporary Employee's First Day

  • All emergency hire employees are instructed to report to HR to complete any necessary forms prior to reporting to their assigned department and receive parking permit authorization.
  • HR will instruct employee where to report at the time of sign-in and provide candidate with a map of campus.
  • Please note: CSUF does not pay employee for holidays, vacation, sick, overtime or monthly parking permit.
  • Department will monitor hours worked.

Paying Invoices

  • All time cards will be signed with the appropriate supervisor as approval for invoices to be paid.
  • Invoices will be received and processed within the Human Resources department according to the Service Authorization funding.
  • Departments will be notified appropriately when terms of assignment are due to expire and/or funds have been exhausted. Each department will be required to make the appropriate change request to the current service authorization on file.
  • If changes are not made accordingly; staffing agency will end temporary assignment immediately for non-payment.

Additional Information

  • If for any reason, the department is dissatisfied with an employee's performance, please contact Human Resources, who will contact the agency directly to have employee replaced. Do not discuss concerns directly with employee (in the event the department is requesting to end assignment).
  • All temporary employees are welcomed to apply for open vacancies within the department. If department makes a recommendation to hire a temporary employee, the agency will charge the department a conversion fee if employee has worked less than 90 days with CSUF. This conversion charge may vary according to the contract.

Emergency/Quick Hire Checklist