Sick Leave


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The use of sick leave prevents the loss of income during a prolonged illness and is accumulated without limitation. The use of sick leave must be authorized by the manager when an employee is absent because of the employee's own illness, injury or disability (including pregnancy disability) or the employee's own dental, eye, or other physical or medical examination or treatment.


How Much Sick Leave Do I Accrue? 

  • Full-time, eligible employees accrue 8 hours per month after meeting a qualifying pay period. A qualifying month of service is 11 days on pay status in a pay period.
  • Employees who work less than full time but are eligible to receive sick leave credit accrue on a pro-rated basis. Example: employees who work at a half-time basis (20 hours per week or 7.5 WTUS) accrue 4 hours per month.


What Are Approved Uses for Sick Leave? 

You may generally use your sick leave for your own illness/injury, medical appointments, and family care. Absences after three (3) consecutive days charged to sick leave requires a physician’s statement. For specific details as to when you may use your sick leave, refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement: in new window .


I am sick and am unable to teach my class for a week. What do I do? 

You must notify your department chair immediately so that coverage arrangements can be made. You will need to provide a doctor’s note and may use your available sick hours so that you don’t experience a lapse in pay for the days you are out.


Can I donate my sick leave to someone else?

Yes, under the Catastrophic Leave Donation program. For more information, please see the link below:


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What happens to my sick leave when I retire? 

Unused sick leave may be converted into service credit at retirement in accordance with PERS guidelines. At the time of retirement 2000 hours of sick leave is one year of PERS service credit. This equates to 250 days. The calculation is to multiply the number of unused sick days by .004.


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