What Types of Positions is CSUF Unable to Sponsor for Work Visas?

  • Positions that do not require, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in a specialty field.
  • General administrative positions, or those that do not meet the regulatory minimum requirements for a professional, specialty field.  If a bachelor’s degree is required, but the field is not specified, or if the job can be equally well filled by individuals with bachelor’s degrees in a variety of unrelated fields, it will not qualify.
  • Positions that are not paid solely by CSUF payroll.

What are the department’s responsibilities?

All of the matters we handle are employment-based, which means that the hiring department is responsible for compliance at the department level. The department chair and the administrator(s) appointed to handle immigration matters are responsible for ensuring that they carry out these responsibilities. The department must:

  • Contact Academic Human Resources immediately when a foreign national emerges as a top choice in the applicant pool;
  • Appoint one central administrator to work with Academic Employment Services on faculty and staff immigration matters;
  • Pay all required government fees (i.e., application fee and fraud protection fee);
  • Submit a request to Academic Human Resources in a timely manner, as far in advance of the foreign national’s employment start date (six (6) months is strongly recommended);
  • Comply with, and respond timely to all Academic Human Resources communications and requests throughout the process.

What are the foreign faculty/staff responsibilities?

Academic Human Resources will partner closely with the foreign national to obtain the required supporting documentation for the H-1B visa petition. Shortly after when the foreign national accepts the appointment or position, Academic Human Resources will email the foreign national, requesting the H-1B visa required supporting documentation. Academic Human Resources will provide the foreign national with the H-1B Checklist PDF File Opens in new window which outlines the required documents. The foreign national can scan and email the required documents directly to Academic Human Resources, original documents are not required. Make sure to keep track of your visa expiration dates – Notify Academic Human Resources of your desire to apply for permanent residency, etc.