Background Check Policy - Matrix

  Newly Hired Faculty Newly Hired Staff/Administrators Students (Sensitive Positions Only) Volunteers (Sensitive Positions Only) Consultants & Independent Contractors (Sensitive Positions Only) Existing Faculty and Staff Moving into Sensitive Positions
Required background checks Current New Current New Current New Current New Current New New
Employment Verification CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR
Education Verification CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR
Reference Checks CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR
Criminal Checks CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR
Sexual Offender Check CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR NC CR

The CSU requires that the campus will initiate background checks on final candidate(s) after a conditional offer of employment has been made. The offer of employment must clearly state that the appointment is contingent upon successful completion of the background check, and may be rescinded if the background check reveals disqualifying information and/or it is discovered that the candidate knowingly withheld or falsified information. All background checks must be completed before an appointment is finalized and the candidate, including one who is a current employee, begins work in the new position.

Who handles the background checks?

  • Reference Checks: Department hiring manager contacts references provided by the employee.
  • Education Verification: HRDI utilizes the National Clearinghouse to verify degree information
  • Criminal Check: HRDI provides an employee the Live Scan form and notify the individual to visit our University Police.
  • Employment Verification: HRDI utilizes Accurate Background, Inc., who is a third-party administrator, to verify the employment history of at least five (5) years.
  • Sexual Offender Check: HRDI utilizes Accurate Background, Inc., a third-party administrator.

Exempt from background checks:

  • Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) and employee re-appointed to the same class and campus within 12 months.
  • Current employees of the CSU, unless under voluntary consideration for a position in which a background check is required.
  • Faculty members may begin to work prior to completion of the background check when it would not otherwise be possible to offer a class to students.


Sensitive positions: Position are designated by the CSU as requiring heightened scrutiny of individuals holding the position, based on potential for harm to children, concerns for the safety and security of the people, or property, or heightened risk of financial loss.

Faculty: Employees who are faculty (PT/FT), lecturers (PT/FT), T/TT, AR counselors, faculty librarians and teaching associates.

Students: Employees who are instructional student assistants, graduate assistants and student assistants.

CR = Currently Required
NR = New Requirement
NC = No Change
N/A = Not Required